Congratulations again! We are excited to have you in Iowa City.

Please find below the requirements and guidelines for poster and podium presentations 

 Poster Presentations Guidelines

Poster Size: Posters should be 36 inches (height) x 48 inches (width) (landscape orientation). Posters will be hung by magnets (provided by MBHD staff) on magnetic poster boards. Poster boards are dry erase white boards. Posters should be aligned to the left of the poster board. This will ensure enough room on the right-hand side of the board to make notes, draw, and leave questions. The MBHD committee will provide erasable markers.


Poster Session:


  • The official poster session is on Wednesday, May 25th from 1:45pm - 3:45pm, however, we encourage all attendees to view posters during lunch breaks and in their free time.
  • You are expected to be at your poster during your assigned time slot to present your work and answer questions. Please check the Abstract Book for your posters numbers. 
  • Even number Posters: 1:45pm - 2:45pm
  • Odd number Posters: 2:45pm - 3:45pm
  • Please check the program regularly for updates ( . 
  • Poster setup will be on Tuesday May 24th at the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU) Main Lounge from 6pm till 7pm


Poster Awards: Several awards ($500 each) will be given to best posters by junior scientists or trainees. There will also be a "People's Choice " award for best poster by a trainee. Posters will be judged by the organizing committee and awards will be presented at the closing ceremony.   



Awardees of best posters by a trainee will  present their work as a Poster Blitz at the closing ceremony. Poster Blitz will be a 1-minute talk (maximum). Only 1 slide is allowed for a Poster Blitz



Podium Presentation Guidelines

  • Each podium presentation is scheduled for 15 minutes. You will have 10-12 minutes for presentation and 3-5 minutes for questions and discussion. It is required that you do not exceed 12 minutes for your presentation. Your question time will not be considered as part of your presentation time. You should therefore practice your talk prior to the meeting with particular regard to the timing.
  • Chairs will be asked to strictly enforce the time limit on your talk.


***All speakers are required to provide their final slides to our IT specialist at least 24 hours before the start of their session***

The IT specialist will be available to upload slides during these dates and times:

  • Tuesday May 24th : 10am -1pm (This is the preferred time for everyone to drop off their slides and check they look as they should be on the screen)
  • Wednesday May 25th: 1:30pm- 3:30pm

Slide decks will not be accepted outside of these times. Please plan accordingly.


  • Talks will be held at the MacBride Hall Auditorium (

  • Speakers will be presenting on stage (there will be no podium). They will be provided with a lavaliere microphone.

  • We encourage you to check the auditorium setting online at to familiarize yourself with the format. 

  • The A/V system at the venue uses PC and is set up for Windows. 

  • Mac users will need to bring their own dongle adapters.